Our Story

New Theory is a lifestyle brand with a passion for aspirational design and creativity focused in reducing the gap between such designs and accessibility in the Indian apparel market.

It all began when I found myself captivated at the intersection of fashion and fitness.

I soon realized that it was not just me alone, this was exactly what every Indian who was woken about a fit and healthy lifestyle was actually looking for.

Drawing my inspiration from interests and enthusiasm towards art forms, films, music and culture I aimed at developing an apparel brand that communicated my creativity and inspiration into lifestyle and fitness garments.

At New Theory we are aimed at creating apparel that not only elevates your workouts but also empowers your spirit and confidence. We are targeted at creating unique one of a kind products that provide our customers with comfort and maximum satisfaction.

We pride ourselves in creating products that make our customers feel like a superstar whether it is in the gym or everyday life.


At New Theory our Mission is to be a brand that inspires confidence, strength and self motivation through our designs and unmatched quality. Whether you are a professional athlete, fitness enthusiast or simply a hardworking individual who appreciates design and quality, New Theory is here to support and inspire you every step of the way.

Prior to starting New Theory I found myself searching for a perfect athleisure brand, which was offering standout, creative and trendy designs similar to what big brands were providing in the western markets. However it did not exist, so in order to solve this problem we started New Theory. We are not only a clothing brand but we are a statement that communicates the emotions of millions/billions of ambitious Indians who are believers, dreamers and hustlers, who believe in working hard and standing out through their achievements.

We are aimed at building a community that will redefine what it means to be active, aspirational and empowered.


Our commitment at New Theory is to be the leading aspirational lifestyle brand. Keeping customer’s requirements and satisfaction at the heart of our ideology we are committed to creating an accessible and affordable yet ultra luxurious brand.

We at New Theory are a team of believers and dreamers who are committed to offering luxury without it being a burden on the customer's pocket.

We believe in challenging the traditional ideology of retail brands by creating products where each individual design represents a whole story in itself.

Our product development starts with an idea process and a vision of how wearing.

We aim to empower our users' self confidence.